At this time of year, when many people are thinking about vacation, life and challenges continue for companies. And sometimes, even in the middle of July, positions need to be filled to maintain productivity or grow a department. And while recruiting may seem like a headache during normal times, the challenge is doubled when candidates have their feet in the sand! Here are some tips for successful summer hiring.

Anticipate your needs

Planning is key. Assess your staffing needs several months in advance and identify the key departments and positions you want to prioritize for summer hiring.

Diversify and Maximize Where You Advertise

Maximize your visibility efforts! Whether it is on social networks, your website, staffing agencies, or even classified ads, candidates are harder to reach, so do more than usual.

Contact candidates directly

Do you know what kind of profile you’re looking for? Don’t hesitate to contact interesting candidates directly. Even if some of them aren’t looking for a job, your interest may pique their curiosity or lead you to the right candidate.

Focus on key positions

Given the difficulty of recruiting during the summer months, it’s a good idea to focus on the most important positions you need to fill. You can launch searches for other positions, but keep those efforts in the long term.

Make the most of your comparative advantages

You’ll need to be even more aggressive in selling yourself! Make sure your offer is attractive to candidates by evaluating comparable positions in the market, and capitalize on what makes you different as an employer to attract the profiles you’re looking for.

Simplify your hiring process

Top candidates often interview with more than one potential employer. To avoid losing out, evaluate your hiring process and try to simplify it where possible. How many interviews do you need? Do they need to take aptitude tests?