Whether a company offers new training opportunities, health and wellness programs, flexible work options or state-of-the-art office tools, employees want one thing: to feel valued at work.

Yet only 48% of employees surveyed by enterprise technology specialist ServiceNow believe their employers are dedicating resources to creating a more positive employee experience.

The study uncovered several challenges, particularly in making work more efficient, that deserve the attention of business leaders. For example, only 44% of employees say they have easy access to information about human resources and other services that are critical to their jobs.

In addition, more than half of employees (54%) expect their employers to provide productivity tools on a mobile platform. Yet the majority (67%) recall struggling to complete administrative tasks on a mobile device on their first day on the job.

The lack of tools needed to streamline tasks and more quickly gather and share information among employees can hinder a smooth work experience.

However, while Millennials (43%) are hopeful that management will listen to their concerns about the employee experience, only a third of Baby Boomers (35%) feel that their ideas and opinions are welcome at work.

«Today’s employees, regardless of role or generation, want to be heard and valued, and they want an employee experience that is tailored to their needs throughout their career at an organization,” said Pat Wadors, Head of Talent at ServiceNow.