According to a study from the University of Warwick in the UK, happy individuals are 12% more productive.

Through a series of experiments, the research team determined that being happy at work increases employees’ productivity.

In summary, the researchers conducted laboratory experiments with over 700 participants, divided into four distinct groups:

  • The first group was offered chocolate and fruits.
  • The second group watched a funny video.
  • A third group was asked to talk about recent tragic events that had affected them (family disputes, bereavement, etc.).
  • Finally, a fourth group took the same test without receiving any treats or videos.

Participants were then subjected to timed tests.

Results: across the entire sample, those who had the opportunity to eat chocolate or watch the funny video recorded the fastest performance and approximately 10 to 12% better responses.

The study concludes that “Happier workers use their time more effectively, thereby accelerating the pace at which they can work without sacrificing quality.” – Dr. Daniel Sgroi

Efforts that employers make to make their employees’ lives more enjoyable have an impact on their happiness and, in turn, their productivity.

Chocolate for Productivity!

Chocolate and fruits are simple representations of the small gestures that can enhance employees’ daily experiences.

What are you doing to make your employees’ lives more enjoyable every day?

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